Zoey’s new life

It’s been a bit over a week now since Mason died. In that time, our oth­er dog, Zoey, has gone from con­va­les­cent nurse to full-fledged com­pan­ion ani­mal. We got her four years ago to hang with Mason, to make his old age a lit­tle bet­ter. We did not expect him to live near­ly as long as he did, and as a result, Zoey’s life was maybe not as good as it could have been. She was always with Mason, and when he could­n’t go any­where (the park on a hot day, with the fam­i­ly on vaca­tion, camp­ing) then she could­n’t go, either.

Since Mason died, her life has got­ten bet­ter. In this last week she’s gone with us in the car on errands, been to the dri­ve-in movies with us, and gone on long ram­bling walks. I’m pret­ty sure she miss­es him, too, but she seems to be doing okay.

Here’s a pic­ture of her (the best pic­ture I think I’ve tak­en of her) in the back of the mini­van at the dri­ve-in.

Zoey at the drive-in
Zoey at the dri­ve-in

Dog done broke

Our 5 year-old res­cue Poo­dle, Zoey, went and broke her foot last Fri­day. We let her out in the morn­ing, and she came back in on three feet. Mason (our 12 year old Poo­dle) does this occa­sion­al­ly, and it goes away after a few hours, so we thought noth­ing of it. But Fri­day night she was still limp­ing, and by Sat­ur­day she would­n’t put any weight on it.

We wait­ed until Mon­day to take her to the vet, because we are bad par­ents that way (remind me to tell you about how we let our three year-old human-boy lan­guish with a frac­tured foot) and when we did take her in we got this:



She’s got a pret­ty pur­ple splint now, we car­ry her up to bed some­times, and she gets pain meds with her break­fast. That’s the life, eh? All she had to do was break her toe in spec­tac­u­lar fash­ion. This is also the dog whose teeth were so ter­ri­ble that she spat out a tooth and nobody noticed until the clean­ing peo­ple found it under an end table.

She just seems so grate­ful to be out of the sit­u­a­tion she was in before she was res­cued.