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End of the experiment

A few new items around here, but dat­ed back to Sep­tem­ber. That is when I start­ed an exper­i­ment in mov­ing this blog to anoth­er ser­vice. I want­ed sim­plic­i­ty, and Pos­ter­ous cer­tain­ly gave me that, but it was­n’t what I need­ed. Yes, I still crave sim­plic­i­ty, but Pos­ter­ous works one way: post to Pos­ter­ous, and it […]


WordPress 2.5 brings hotness, possible breakage

Noth­ing like mess­ing with a per­fect­ly work­ing blog. I’ll be upgrad­ing to Word­Press 2.5 lat­er today. The blog might break. My apolo­gies. For what­ev­er that’s worth. Update: No break­age involved.  Had to refresh my includ­ed images a cou­ple of times, but oth­er than that, every­thing went smooth­ly, like a point upgrade should.  Your mileage may […]