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AT&T or Verizon for my new iPhone? (Updated answer: AT&T)

Updat­ed! — dis­count on Vz, too! Update #2 — no voice+data on Vz Update #3 — done and done Hi all. Back to the mun­dane. Apple announced (or rather, con­firmed what we’ve all known for sev­er­al months now) a new iPhone today. The iPhone 5 will be avail­able for pre-order this Fri­day, to ship a […]


Computer, tell me a story

Last week brought rumors that Apple’s next iOS will be deeply voice-con­trolled/­­con­trol­lable. I am in favor. Imag­ine this: You get up from your work desk to go home. You dou­ble tap your ear­piece, and ask (sot­to voce?) “Is it rain­ing out?” A few sec­onds lat­er (after con­fer­ring with your iPhone in your pock­et), a voice […]