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Time lapse at sea is really beautiful

I could do with both less cap­tioned com­men­tary and more actu­al com­men­tary. The cap­tions take away from the expe­ri­ence, but the com­men­tary real­ly enhances it. First world prob­lems. Hat tip: Kot­tke

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Flickr now does long photos (aka video)

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but it is cool.  They call them “long pho­tos” which is pret­ty cute.  They adhere to all the same access stan­dards as pho­tos, as far as pri­va­cy feeds, search­ing, etc.  The length is short (90 sec­onds) and the size is small (150 MB) but I think most of my […]