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A near perfect tweet

I don’t do this often (enough?) but this tweet from Won­derel­la is so pitch per­fect on the top­ic of the Oxford Dic­tio­nary and Miley Cyrus, that I can’t help myself: The Oxford Dic­tio­nary added an entry on “Twerk­ing”. They removed “Dig­ni­ty” to make room, since we weren’t using it any­way.— Won­derel­la (@wonderella) August 28, 2013

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No more twitter here

I’m done. At least, I’m done with try­ing to include all my Twit­ti­cisms on this blog. You’ll just have to go to Twit­ter to get them (see the foot­er for direc­tions). It was too… not easy, to keep them all here, and there, and dis­play them nice­ly. So, screw it. But, here are all my […]