What he said, about “Lost”

This bit from Alan Sepin­wal­l’s review of the last episode of Lost is key to why I loved it, and the series as a whole.

Ulti­mate­ly, “Lost” did­n’t suc­ceed because of the mythol­o­gy. We’ve seen too many exam­ples of mythol­o­gy-heavy, char­ac­ter-light series fail over the last six years to think that. “Lost” suc­ceed­ed on emo­tion, whether that emo­tion was fear of the mon­ster in the jun­gle, or grief over Juli­et dying, or joy at Desmond reunit­ing with Pen­ny, or thrills at Sayid’s break­dance fight­ing and Hur­ley rid­ing to the res­cue in the Dhar­ma bus. When “Lost” was real­ly and tru­ly great, it locked you so deep into the emo­tions of the moment that the larg­er ques­tions did­n’t real­ly mat­ter.”

The rest of the review is also inter­est­ing, if you care.

Catching up with Survivor:China

We’re watch­ing last night’s Sur­vivor episode. You’ll have to have been watch­ing Sur­vivor to get any of this.

  • The pro­duc­ers lucked out this sea­son, when the down-on-their-luck tribe took out Aaron instead of James with their chop to the head. ‘Cause James is awe­some. Awe­some.
  • The edi­tors need to take a break from the 5‑sec­ond-inter­sti­tial ani­mal-of-the-week strikes-unsus­pect­ing-prey used to punc­tu­ate a play­er back­stab­bing. There are only so many spi­ders killing flies, herons killing fish, or crabs snap­ping what­ev­er it is crabs eat, that I can take.
  • I’ve nev­er liked Court­ney, but with her Zen bar­rel rid­ing per­for­mance tonight, and her very nat­ur­al Jean-Robert as Susan Luc­ci anal­o­gy, I can’t help but warm to her a teen­sy bit. She seemed almost gid­dy with her win.
  • Jean-Robert is clear­ly delu­sion­al. Best play­er in the game? Not by his hairy bum.
  • But not as delu­sion­al as Todd and James and (to a less­er degree, but she should have spo­ken more force­ful­ly) Aman­da… vote off Jean-Robert and you take away one (admit­ted­ly dis­taste­ful) mem­ber of your alliance, while alien­at­ing Denise, and not doing any­thing to bring Court­ney back in… leav­ing them to join the oth­er dis­af­fect­ed to vote you out.
  • Aman­da needs to make a move now. Cap­tain Tod­d’s Ship o’ Dis­func­tion has sprung a seri­ous leak. I’d sug­gest Eric.

Any of you guys actu­al­ly watch­ing this show, or will­ing to admit to it?

Melinda Gordon needs better cell phone service

We’re sit­ting here watch­ing our sec­ond episode of Ghost Whis­per­er of the night, and Melin­da just checked her cell phone and found the dread­ed “No Ser­vice” mes­sage. That makes two per­ilous sit­u­a­tions in a row where her cell phone com­pa­ny has failed her. You’d think they’d get more tow­ers in Grand­view.

In oth­er news, I may watch too much TV.

Tales of the Golden Monkey

Today at lunch some­one offhand­ed­ly men­tioned the island of Bora-Bora, and I had a vivid flash­back to Tales of the Gold­en Mon­key, a TV series from 1982, star­ring Stephen Collins. I saw it on TV in Spain, dubbed, some­time in the mid-eight­ies, and even though it only ran one sea­son, I loved it.

So I dug around the Inter­nets a lit­tle bit, and found a host of links. It seems that there is quite a rabid fan base out there (but isn’t there always, on the Inter­net) com­plete with anniver­sary mee­tups. It was a Bel­lis­ario pro­duc­tion (Black Sheep Squadron, Mag­num P.I., Quan­tum Leap, JAG), and has that feel to it. The theme song is very A‑Team though not as catchy.

So you can share my trip down mem­o­ry lane: