Leave Gaunt Jobs alone!

Mark just sent me to an arti­cle about how investors at Apple’s lat­est quar­ter­ly earn­ings report were ner­vous about Steve Jobs’ health. They report­ed­ly asked him to name a suc­ces­sor. Which is just sil­ly. I went back and looked at the list of like­ly suc­ces­sors. I not­ed that my favorite (and Job’s favorite, if the arti­cle is to be believed), Scott Forstall, Senior vice pres­i­dent, iPhone soft­ware, may be watch­ing his star fall, giv­en all the reports of bug-rid­den iPhone 2.0 soft­ware. Which only serves to illus­trate that pick­ing a suc­ces­sor now means hav­ing to pick a dif­fer­ent suc­ces­sor down the road, if Jobs hap­pens to live a lit­tle longer, and/or the Anoint­ed One screws up. So give it a rest, and let’s not kill Steve before his time is up.