Me and my life Post Thoughtful

Wish I was still reading Among Others

I fin­ished read­ing Jo Wal­ton’s much prize-win­n­ing book, Among Oth­ers yes­ter­day. Through­out, I found myself sort of drift­ing, lik­ing the book, but not feel­ing ter­ri­bly com­pelled. Now that it is done, how­ev­er, I find that I am miss­ing it. Not nec­es­sar­i­ly in that way that you wish you knew what hap­pened to Har­ry after Volde­mort, […]


Can’t do that with a Kindle

So, I was sit­ting in the dim light of our fam­i­ly room, read­ing some­thing on our iPad, and I real­ized. All this talk about how you can’t use the iPad in sun­light nev­er points out that you can’t use the Kin­dle in the dark. Sure, using the iPad in the dark is a lit­tle like […]


Am I influencing my boys? Cool.

In writ­ing about how I sing to my baby, some­thing occurred to me. I told sto­ries to the first one, and he is now an avid reader/listener of sto­ries. I sing to my sec­ond boy, and he is already much more inter­est­ed in music than the first one ever was. Coin­ci­dence? Nature? Nur­ture? I’ll prob­a­bly […]


The Banned Books

Okay, I’m game. But true to my pen­chant, I’ve re-ordered things a bit. Not sure what the orig­i­nal sort was (most banned, maybe) but I think this order is use­ful, too. I’ve read these and remem­ber them well (8 out of 110): Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy Ani­mal Farm by George Orwell Nine­teen […]