What he said, about “Lost”

This bit from Alan Sepin­wal­l’s review of the last episode of Lost is key to why I loved it, and the series as a whole.

Ulti­mate­ly, “Lost” did­n’t suc­ceed because of the mythol­o­gy. We’ve seen too many exam­ples of mythol­o­gy-heavy, char­ac­ter-light series fail over the last six years to think that. “Lost” suc­ceed­ed on emo­tion, whether that emo­tion was fear of the mon­ster in the jun­gle, or grief over Juli­et dying, or joy at Desmond reunit­ing with Pen­ny, or thrills at Sayid’s break­dance fight­ing and Hur­ley rid­ing to the res­cue in the Dhar­ma bus. When “Lost” was real­ly and tru­ly great, it locked you so deep into the emo­tions of the moment that the larg­er ques­tions did­n’t real­ly mat­ter.”

The rest of the review is also inter­est­ing, if you care.

Some Lost Speculation

So Den­ny wants some spec­u­la­tion on Lost, eh?

First, let me point out that this has been a kick-ass sea­son of Lost. The flash-for­wards have been inspired, the sto­ries have been grip­ping, last night’s Sun and Jin flash-for­ward-and-back love sto­ry was phe­nom­e­nal­ly touch­ing. (Though I did think to myself, if you’re a work­ing actress, you will most like­ly some day be called on to pre­tend to give birth, and that must be as daunt­ing as it is inevitable.)

The reveals have been com­ing quick­ly, but as with good twisty mys­ter­ies, each one presents new enig­mas. Wrapped in rid­dles. Etc. Tiffany and I keep com­par­ing this to The X‑Files and thank­ing our lucky stars that it seems these folks have a plan and a des­ti­na­tion. By the time The X‑Files end­ed, any ambi­tion for an over-arch­ing plot was aban­doned, but by that time, nobody cared. Us includ­ed.

Some thoughts I’ve had recent­ly about Lost:

  • The bat­tle royale between Ben and Pen­ny’s Pops is shap­ing up to be the defin­ing strug­gle of the series. But where does the Dhar­ma Ini­tia­tive fit in there? And what sort of dev­il’s agree­ment did the Ocean­ic Six make with Ben or Pops to be allowed off the island?
  • With the flash-for­wards, the pro­duc­ers have solved a seri­ous prob­lem they were going to have to deal with. Now they can kill off major char­ac­ters with­out hav­ing to remove them from the series. I pre­dict that Jin will not be the last one.
  • You can put Jeff Fahey in a scrag­gly ‘do and a bermu­da shirt, but you can’t take away those hyp­not­ic Lawn­mow­er Man eyes. As a result, ‘copter dude still gives me the willies, despite his aw shucks atti­tude.
  • I just love Jere­my Davies (plays Daniel Fara­day). Just caught him in Solaris the oth­er day, which is not as bad a movie as some would have you believe. It’s just slow.
  • Michael seems like he’s just back for a guest-star­ring role. What­ev­er, it can’t be more dis­ap­point­ing than the much-hyped let­down of Fish­er Stevens. I’m hop­ing he returns in a flash­back.
  • What hap­pened to Walt? (Michael might be able to answer that in the next ep.) And what do his super­pow­ers (killing birds with his mind and cre­at­ing polar bears out of thin air) have to do with all of this?
  • Puff the Mag­ic (and noisy) Smoke Mon­ster, we miss you.

Okay, so, all y’all (Den­ny) who want­ed to chat about Lost… com­ment below.

Get Lost!

If you haven’t been watch­ing Lost on ABC this sea­son, you should. It’s by the team that makes Alias, it’s like a big-screen movie on the small screen, it has hunky guys and hot women, it’s incred­i­bly tense, and Hur­ley is one of those great char­ac­ters you won’t see any­where else (his char­ac­ter did­n’t exist before the actor audi­tioned, but they liked him so much they wrote a part for him).

They start over tonight with the two-hour pilot. ABC. 8/7c. Don’t miss it.

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