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Edit: How I “watched” the Apple announcement

Edit: So, I end­ed up watch­ing via Engad­get most of the time, and when they had hic­cups, I went over to Ars Tech­ni­ca. Good job guys. Hey folks, I am plan­ning on “watch­ing” the Apple announce­ment (iPhone 5S, 5C, iOS 7, maybe some iPads, ever so maybe a TV-relat­ed announce­ment that might just be new […]


How I will watch the keynote (and how you can, too)

What keynote, you ask? For shame. Do I know you? This keynote. Dur­ing the event, I will be fol­low­ing along with the “live” text feeds on the fol­low­ing sites. My com­ments (based on pre­vi­ous years) are attached. I may also keep my own (snarky) run­ning com­men­tary here on my site. You’ll have to come back […]