Securing virtual territory for the kids

I was look­ing over all the domain names I have reg­is­tered over the years, and remem­bered that I had reg­is­tered full name domains for each of my chil­dren.  Some­day, the log­ic went, they will want their own web sites, and they will be grate­ful that I had the fore­sight to grab these while I still could.

A sound idea.  But what about secur­ing their user­name rights for web pages, web apps, and web ser­vices.  Should I grab AIM accounts for all of them?  Should I go ahead and reg­is­ter a Flickr name (i.e., Yahoo!) for each of the boys?  Gmail?

What do you think?

Free child safety kit: how can you not?

More gems from the stack of stuff res­cued from the base­ment: a child ID card for my old­est son, from a school pic­ture tak­en two years ago. Got me hunt­ing around on the Inter­net for info and resources, and I found this Dura­cell-spon­sored child safe­ty site with info, pdfs, and a “take a recent pic­ture of your kid” email reminder ser­vice. Essen­tial­ly, you should have a recent, head and shoul­ders mugshot of each of your kids, avail­able in a dig­i­tal form (on CD), and at hand. We did­n’t, but we will by tomor­row. Do you have one?

Nanny needed for one half hour per day

So we’re think­ing about what to do for our babysit­ter-enabled evening this week­end, and we real­ize that what we real­ly want most is to have some­one get our kids ready for bed. The bed­time rou­tine of prod­ding, cajol­ing, and (usu­al­ly) threat­en­ing the kids into their paja­mas is a bru­tal gaunt­let at the end of a long and tir­ing day. Can we hire a nan­ny to just get the kids ready for bed, then we’ll come in and sing or read to them? That would be awe­some.