State legislator says global warming is good for us and our crops

From my own back­yard: Lar­ry Pow­ell, a Repub­li­can state leg­is­la­tor from West­ern Kansas, has assert­ed that increased CO2 lev­els will make crops flour­ish. He cites a study that says that, “atmos­pher­ic CO2 enrich­ment will boost world agri­cul­tur­al out­put by about 50 per­cent.” They don’t deny glob­al warm­ing any­more, instead they insist that it is good […]


And the Nobel goes to…

It is nice that Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize. And the thou­sand or more sci­en­tists who con­tributed to the UN reports. Though you have to feel sor­ry for peren­ni­al Nobel Peace Brides­maid Juan Car­los II. If those ETA peo­ple would just have stayed gone, he might have had a chance, but now it’s […]