End of the experiment

A few new items around here, but dat­ed back to Sep­tem­ber. That is when I start­ed an exper­i­ment in mov­ing this blog to anoth­er ser­vice. I want­ed sim­plic­i­ty, and Pos­ter­ous cer­tain­ly gave me that, but it was­n’t what I need­ed. Yes, I still crave sim­plic­i­ty, but Pos­ter­ous works one way: post to Pos­ter­ous, and it will put your stuff every­where else (Flickr, Twit­ter, Face­book, this blog, etc.). I tried, but I could­n’t work that way. I need to be able to post with what­ev­er tool I have on hand, my phone, my blog, iPho­to, email… and have it show up every­where.

Plus, and this was the kick­er, I could­n’t fig­ure out how to keep my email and keep my Pos­ter­ous account both at this address, dannynovo.com.

Maybe if they pro­vide a super easy solu­tion for that, I might be back.

In the mean­time, here we are, still.

Now back to your reg­u­lar silence. Man, I should update this blog more.

They might want to change that

Got an email mes­sage today from the “Hilton Fam­i­ly”. My brain had to wade through many images of Paris Hilton (drunk, par­ty­ing, with friends, those friends, drunk, par­ty­ing, preg­nant, leav­ing their babies to go par­ty­ing and get drunk, etc.) before real­iz­ing it was a con­fir­ma­tion email from Embassy Suites (a Hilton prop­er­ty) for our upcom­ing trip. Now I get why Grand­pa Hilton un-inher­it­ed Paris. They might want to make that email come from “Hilton Hotels” or some­thing.

Am I the only guy without IMAP Gmail?

I must be. I have spent the last four days (at great risk to my mar­riage) con­stant­ly refresh­ing my Gmail account, then singing out and sign­ing back in, because some­one, some­where, post­ed that you might have to do that, then sign­ing out, clear­ing my browser’s cache, and sign­ing back in, because some­one else said you might have to do that, and each and every time, all I get in Gmail’s Set­tings is:

For­ward­ing and POP

I’m start­ing to hate kit­tens.