What the people want: gassy dogs, speakers, and snowflake charities

My stats pack­age for this site keeps track of what search terms peo­ple have used to find this site. So far, noth­ing scur­rilous has crossed my shores, but three old posts have been dredged up by vis­i­tors. Some­one from Israel searched for “novo loud­speak­ers” and came up with my post on the sec­ond time I […]


No. 6 on the list of gassiest dogs

I was torn between post­ing this here or on my (some­what san­i­tized) fam­i­ly web site, Mason being a mem­ber of the fam­i­ly and all. But I decid­ed here. A com­pa­ny is mak­ing a prod­uct to “stop pet gas before it starts.” ((The com­pa­ny was called Cur­Tail, but it appears that they have gone out of […]