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Elephant graveyard

We’ve lived in our new house for about four months now. In that time, my wife (bless her) has col­lect­ed and dis­posed of two dead squir­rels, a ful­ly grown but dead rab­bit, and a mori­bund car­di­nal. We do have dogs, but nei­ther of them are com­pe­tent enough to have caught any of the above. Which […]


My iPod is dead, long live my… iPhone and my iPad?

So, it is true. I plugged my 16 GB iPod touch into a pow­er adapter the oth­er day, some­thing I had done a hun­dred times before this, I heard a lit­tle “pop!” sound, and it died. Noth­ing I did, no swear­ing, no press-this and hold-that for ten sec­onds then shake it all about, no por­ing […]