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I don’t remem­ber how I end­ed up there (real­ly, I don’t) but I hap­pened upon the wom­en’s cloth­ing sec­tion the oth­er day, and noticed that they have a new fea­ture on their site. For cer­tain items of cloth­ing, if you hov­er your mouse over the image, a clos­er ver­sion will appear. This is great for real­ly exam­in­ing the details of the item you’re con­sid­er­ing buy­ing. It’s also great if you’re a thir­teen year-old boy. And no, I could­n’t find any male cloth­ing worth “exam­in­ing.”

The best baby sleep clothes

Our babies always had trou­ble sleep­ing. The first one did­n’t sleep through the night until he was six months old (though now he could sleep through an earth­quake). The sec­ond one slept like a dream for three or four months and has wok­en up at least once every night since then.

We swad­dled and breast fed and cra­dled and sang and walked and did every­thing we could to get them to sleep. Of all those things, what helped the most was swad­dling. Now, swad­dling is a bit of an art. You need a big blan­ket (like the one you stole from the hos­pi­tal), and you need to be none too gen­tle with how tight­ly you fold your baby up. Invari­ably we wound up using a blan­ket that was too small, or our boys would man­age to get an arm out (with which to whack myself over the head, Dad­dy!).

But we found some­thing that helped. The Mir­a­cle Blan­ket is a blan­ket designed for swad­dling. It has spe­cial flaps for the arms and a pock­et for the feet, and it is tru­ly mirac­u­lous. It comes in two sizes (last time we checked) and real­ly does work. Don’t be thrown off by their “As Seen on TV” style web site.

The oth­er prob­lem we have run into with baby sleep­ing is how cold it gets at night, espe­cial­ly when we lived North, and dur­ing win­ter. At some point (ask your pedi­a­tri­cian when) you can put a blan­ket in the crib with your baby, but even then it will be a while before they get the idea of snug­gling under it to stay warm. Enter the Sleep­Sack. We bought these in two sizes, too, and both our boys used them. Now with the sec­ond boy, we have just ordered some Sleep­Sacks for tod­dler sized kids, which include foot holes.

These two items are a bit expen­sive for what you get, but we love them so.