Good TV tonight

I absolute­ly love it when my wife claps at the tele­vi­sion. It express­es a kind of deep-felt pas­sion that my… what, my per­son­al­i­ty, won’t let me deliv­er. I fall instead at the snarky end of the spec­trum.

Tonight, she was in fine form as William Jef­fer­son Clin­ton deliv­ered (what might have been) the best speech of his career. He made all the argu­ments we have des­per­ate­ly want­ed some­one to make against the Repub­li­can plan, and in a very pub­lic forum. He crushed, as the kids put it these days.

Let me just say, I’m glad Bub­ba is on our side.


The first of many “vs. McCain” polls

I’m sure there have been oth­ers, but this is the first poll pit­ting Oba­ma or Clin­ton vs. John McCain for all the mar­bles since Super Tues­day (though it must be not­ed that it was gath­ered before Super Tues­day).

Time Mag­a­zine’s poll shows Clin­ton vs. McCain tied at 48%, while Oba­ma beats McCain 48% to 42%.

Don’t trust the polls, etc., but I am inter­est­ed to see what the sure-to-be-com­ing slew of sim­i­lar polls pre­dicts in the next few weeks.

I’m not going to say I told you so, yet.

We did our part

Panorama of our caucus siteWe attend­ed our some­what abbre­vi­at­ed cau­cus, we stood up for our man, and he rocked the cau­cus. As one t‑shirt said, “Barack Chalk Jay­hawk!” Cur­rent results give Kansas to Oba­ma by a 46% mar­gin. If only that were reflect­ed across the coun­try.

The line was real­ly long, with hun­dreds of peo­ple snaking down the street in the cold, win­try, windy evening. We were cau­cus­ing at the Nation­al Guard Armory, one of the few places in town with a large enough space to hold hun­dreds of folks. Even so, there were peo­ple in line by the dead­line (7 pm) who could not fit in the build­ing. When the pro­ceed­ings got start­ed, the precinct cap­tains (remark­ably bereft of a bull­horn) announced that they would count us and then let us go home, while they brought inside the 250 peo­ple who were still out­side.

It was very noisy in the hangar, with spon­ta­neous chant­i­ng break­ing out all the time. The wife was great­ly moved by the show of sol­i­dar­i­ty, so much so it brought her near to tears more than once. I con­fess to a spine-tin­gling moment when the Cap’n asked us if there were some excit­ed Democ­rats in the house, and five hun­dred peo­ple answered with a thun­der­ing “Yeah!”

It was also hot in the hangar, though some kind souls start­ed play­ing with the big garage door at the far end of the room (the same door from which we were even­tu­al­ly shuf­fled out). And frankly, it got a lit­tle bor­ing at times, too. If it weren’t for the audac­i­ty of the ten Kucinich sup­port­ers, march­ing and singing and what­not, it might not have been as much fun. Update: Turns out that of the 35 votes Kucinich got in Kansas, six­teen came from our cau­cus loca­tion.

In the end, we were out of there by a lit­tle after 7:30, in time to get home and put the boys to bed before the babysit­ter had to. Yeah, we got a sit­ter. It was the right choice, though giv­en how rau­cous and short the whole process was, our old­er boy prob­a­bly would have enjoyed.

More pic­tures here.

Please Vote! …for Barack Obama

Let me pref­ace by urg­ing you to go out and vote tomor­row, regard­less of who you sup­port. Unless you’re one of Huck­’s Army, then please stay home. If you’re a devout Ron Paul sup­port­er, do go, just to enter­tain the MittCains. Our entire fam­i­ly (me, wife, five-year-old, and 20-month-old) will be going to cau­cus here in Kansas.

That said. Won’t you con­sid­er cau­cus-vot­ing for Barack Oba­ma? That’s who we’ll be going to sup­port. I can’t speak for my wife, but I’m going in order to vote against Bil­lary as much as to sup­port Oba­ma. Here’s why, in a nut­shell. I think McCain will beat her in the gen­er­al elec­tion. I dis­like her brand of any­thing-to-win pol­i­tics (though I don’t real­ly believe Oba­ma is above that, the tac­tics Clin­ton has pulled out in NH and SC, and FL and MI make me think of her as Rove-like). I think the nation will not wel­come her as Pres­i­dent, I think we will remain divid­ed, blue vs. red. And I’m tired of all of those things.

Thank you for your time.

P.S., I got the “Vote” thing here.