Anyone have a SmartMedia card reader they don’t need?

I had for­got­ten all about Smart­Media, the flash stor­age for­mat that pre­dat­ed Com­pact Flash and SD cards. Until I unearthed our first dig­i­tal cam­era, the ancient Olym­pus D‑490 ZOOM. Popped a few AA bat­ter­ies in it, and it fired right up. So i gave it to our four-year-old, and he took a bunch of pic­tures, then in the process of not putting it on my desk like i asked him to, he dropped it.

Now I am left with a hunk of met­al and plas­tic, four per­fect­ly good AA bat­ter­ies, and a Smart­Media card with price­less works of art (or twen­ty-four pic­tures of the floor, I don’t know).

I am pret­ty sure i don’t have a Smart­Media card read­er any­more. The cam­era is too old to have a USB port. It came with a ser­i­al port cable. The com­put­ers in the house are too new to have ser­i­al ports. New card read­ers are too expen­sive to use just this once (since the cam­era is toast).

So any­one got a Smart­Media card read­er they don’t need? Or know where I can get bor­row one? Thanks.

Apple Displays and the iSight

Any­one else won­der­ing when Apple will put an iSight cam­era in their free­stand­ing LCD dis­plays? Or if they ever will? I believe that every time some­one at Apple takes a look at the issue, they flash back to the ADC mon­i­tors with their all-in-one Apple-only cable, and all the prob­lems and bad press they got with those, and they shud­der and move on to con­tem­plate the New­ton II as a more fea­si­ble project. But I sure would like an Apple dis­play with a cam­era built in.