Tales of the Golden Monkey

Today at lunch some­one offhand­ed­ly men­tioned the island of Bora-Bora, and I had a vivid flash­back to Tales of the Gold­en Mon­key, a TV series from 1982, star­ring Stephen Collins. I saw it on TV in Spain, dubbed, some­time in the mid-eight­ies, and even though it only ran one sea­son, I loved it.

So I dug around the Inter­nets a lit­tle bit, and found a host of links. It seems that there is quite a rabid fan base out there (but isn’t there always, on the Inter­net) com­plete with anniver­sary mee­tups. It was a Bel­lis­ario pro­duc­tion (Black Sheep Squadron, Mag­num P.I., Quan­tum Leap, JAG), and has that feel to it. The theme song is very A‑Team though not as catchy.

So you can share my trip down mem­o­ry lane: