Giants of the mound: Clemens and Pettitte in the halls of Congress

I like base­ball, though I don’t fol­low it like I used to. I watch the occa­sion­al game, but most­ly I watch the ALCS and the World Series. I am as dis­ap­point­ed as the next guy about the steroids scan­dal, and am curi­ous about the out­come, now that Con­gress is involved. But I am struck by one salient thing, see­ing Roger Clemens and Andy Pet­titte on TV in the halls of Con­gress: these guys are huge! They both tow­er over their entourage of lawyers, often by at least a head or more. You don’t real­ly notice, watch­ing them in a game, but Clemens is 6′4″, and Pet­titte is 6′5″. Did they play bas­ket­ball as youths? Add to that the 10 inch­es of the pitcher’s mound, and they must have a com­mand­ing view dur­ing games. Is there an advan­tage to being a tall pitch­er? Any­one know?

Somebody write an article about foul ball catching fans, please

Top of the fourth inning in the World Series. Beck­ett pitch­es to Atkins, and he fouls it down the third base line. The ball lands in the stands, and is caught by a guy in a red hood­ie, who then holds it up over his head, and all the folks in that sec­tion duti­ful­ly clap for him.

And it makes me think. Peo­ple who sit in foul ter­ri­to­ry prob­a­bly get to catch (or the oppor­tu­ni­ty to catch) more balls than peo­ple sit­ting in home run ter­ri­to­ry. But the balls are less pres­ti­gious, of course. There must be an inter­est­ing sub­cul­ture there, the sort of thing Ira Glass would cov­er.

I’d like to read/listen to that sto­ry. Some­one?