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The best elections links of the day (if you’re happy right now)

Here we go: The Time Karl Rove Took on the Fox News Deci­sion Desk The vin­di­ca­tion of Nate Sil­ver Oba­ma’s vic­to­ry speech or, “Where’s that guy been dur­ing the 2012 cam­paign?” Ras­mussen is 24th out of 28 polls in accu­ra­cy list. Tied with Gallup. The deaf­en­ing silence at Dick Mor­ris pre­dicts a Rom­ney land­sli… […]

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My thoughts on the election

So, the elec­tion is over. And I am pret­ty pleased with the results. I don’t have any­thing real­ly grandiose to say about it, no procla­ma­tions or pre­dic­tions, but through­out the night (I was up until 1 am local) and this morn­ing I have had some ran­dom thoughts. There may be pro­fan­i­ty below. There will def­i­nite­ly […]