Danny at the Berry Farm

Hi. My name is Dan­ny Novo. Okay, not exact­ly. But close enough. I’m a white male, about 6′2″. I was born and grew up over­seas, and came to the U.S. for col­lege. I lived on the East Coast for sev­en years, and then moved to the Mid­west, where I now live. I am mar­ried, and a father of two boys, who are both the love and frus­tra­tion of my life. I apol­o­gize if I am being vague, but I real­ly think y’all should be read­ing the blog to glean inter­est­ing details about my life, no?

No, huh?

Okay, then here are some tid­bits. I have three old­er sis­ters, but was essen­tial­ly an only child, being born five years after the youngest girl. When she went off to col­lege, I was just hit­ting my stride as a teenag­er. It explains a lot about me. What else? I did not kiss a girl until I was sev­en­teen, at (roll the drums please) my Senior Prom. Ack. That does­n’t explain as much about me as you might think. I wear an ear­ring. Just one. That does­n’t actu­al­ly say any­thing about me at all, except there’s a fun­ny sto­ry about when I got my ear pierced, at a Claire’s at the Oakview Mall in Oma­ha, Nebras­ka. I was sit­ting in the chair, and the fif­teen-year-old girl work­ing there was get­ting the pierc­ing device ready, and a woman and her eight-year-old daugh­ter came up and she asked me if they could watch, because her daugh­ter was a lit­tle scared to get her ears pierced. And it went from no big deal (for me) to a com­mand per­for­mance to show no fear and assure this lit­tle girl that every­thing was all right.

Sat­is­fied? Okay. Enjoy the blog. Want to write? dan­ny @ this domain.