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Applied for my old job last week

Sounds odd, and it feels odd, too. I did­n’t apply for my old job, exact­ly. I applied for a job that sounds exact­ly like my old job when I applied for it.

I dropped off my cov­er let­ter and resume to Creighton Uni­ver­si­ty for a job as an Instruc­tion­al Design­er with their Infor­ma­tion Tech­nol­o­gy group, help­ing fac­ul­ty put course mate­ri­als online.

When I applied for my old job at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Iowa (almost five years ago now), it was as a Com­put­er Con­sul­tant for Infor­ma­tion Tech­nol­o­gy Ser­vices help­ing fac­ul­ty learn to use tech­nol­o­gy.

I am some­what hope­ful that they will at least offer me an inter­view.

Under the Tuscan Sun

A sur­pris­ing­ly delight­ful movie, Under the Tus­can Sun. I’ve had a thing for Diane Lane since see­ing her in Jack, on some air­plane trip. But then I saw half of her crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed per­for­mance in Unfaith­ful and could­n’t real­ly stand her. Not sure why. And it turned me off of her. I kept think­ing that I’d like to see her in some­thing, but I could­n’t quite shake her char­ac­ter from that movie. I need­ed to see her in some­thing com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent.

When Tus­can Sun came out, it seemed like a pif­fle of a movie (it is) with no good rea­son to be seen. Turns out it’s a delight­ful pif­fle, with a charm­ing­ly retro/on­ly-in-the-movies opin­ion of Italy mixed with a nineties gay-is-the-new-side­kick flair that works. And Diane Lane comes off as a some­what weary but win­ning, wis­er than she was, mod­ern Amer­i­can woman. Amidst gay side­kicks and retro/sexist Ital­ians.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it did­n’t bring me back the old Diane Lane, so much as show me a dif­fer­ent one. One I’m not so enam­ored of. She’s nice, and pret­ty, but still too stressed. I want to see her play­ing a Reese With­er­spoon role. Some­thing where her char­ac­ter only has to emote on the most sur­face of lev­els. I know, I know, I do her act­ing abil­i­ties a dis­ser­vice.

Any­way, the movie was bet­ter than I thought it would be.

Something’s Gotta Give

We rent­ed Some­thing’s Got­ta Give a cou­ple of weeks back, with very low expec­ta­tions. For some rea­son, all through Oscar Sea­son, nei­ther Tiffany nor I could get up the inter­est to watch it. Anoth­er Jack show. Diane Keaton nev­er has rung my bell. Aman­da Peet real­ly does­n’t do any­thing for me.

Sure, lots of folks were telling us it was good. The crit­i­cal acclaim was strong. But it took us a long time ot come around. And now we have.

The movie is cuter than we thought, with pret­ti­er peo­ple (wow, that house was some­thing else!), bet­ter guest stars (Frances McDor­mand, Jon Favreau, and Starsky!), a more inter­est­ing plot (they have sex pret­ty ear­ly on as these for­mu­las go), and on-screen instant mes­sag­ing that could actu­al­ly be real!

It may have been a lit­tle long, and the Paris thing was a bit over­much, but still, wor­thy of your time and mon­ey.

Global ID Card Contest

Alas, the con­test is over, but it looks like it would have been cool to enter. The win­ners have been announced and can be seen here. While I under­stand and enjoy the win­ner (very Tufte-like) my per­son­al favorite was the sec­ond hon­or­able men­tion (ID Mag­a­zine’s site is real­ly crap­py, so I have post­ed the entry below). I like whim­sy.

Update: The win­ner, Bryan Boy­er, has an inter­est­ing web site. Here are his notes on the con­test. The sec­ond hon­or­able men­tion, Ash­leigh Caf­fey, does­n’t have a web site. Here’s her entry:

Ashleigh Caffey