Post Practical Writing

One more month of writing

Hey all. So, it was about a month ago that I post­ed that last update on my writ­ing career. You may be won­der­ing how the writ­ing career is going. Yeah, how is the writ­ing career going? Okay. I spent this last month doing a lot of world­build­ing, which was fun. An aside for non-SF/F fans: […]

Hell yeah Politics Post

Just shut that down

Today we heard that Pres­i­dent Oba­ma called up the Speak­er of the House John Boehn­er and told him, and I quote from Bren­dan Buck, Boehn­er’s spokesman, “The pres­i­dent called the speak­er again today to reit­er­ate that he won’t nego­ti­ate on a gov­ern­ment fund­ing bill or debt lim­it increase.” Source: Roll Call Hel­lz to the yes. […]