Me and my life

Dog done broke

Our 5 year-old res­cue Poo­dle, Zoey, went and broke her foot last Fri­day. We let her out in the morn­ing, and she came back in on three feet. Mason (our 12 year old Poo­dle) does this occa­sion­al­ly, and it goes away after a few hours, so we thought noth­ing of it. But Fri­day night she […]


Can’t do that with a Kindle

So, I was sit­ting in the dim light of our fam­i­ly room, read­ing some­thing on our iPad, and I real­ized. All this talk about how you can’t use the iPad in sun­light nev­er points out that you can’t use the Kin­dle in the dark. Sure, using the iPad in the dark is a lit­tle like […]