What he said, about “Lost”

This bit from Alan Sepin­wal­l’s review of the last episode of Lost is key to why I loved it, and the series as a whole. “Ulti­mate­ly, “Lost” did­n’t suc­ceed because of the mythol­o­gy. We’ve seen too many exam­ples of mythol­o­­gy-heavy, char­ac­ter-light series fail over the last six years to think that. “Lost” suc­ceed­ed on emo­tion, […]


National Journal Magazine — Do ‘Family Values’ Weaken Families?

Nation­al Jour­nal Mag­a­zine — Do ‘Fam­i­ly Val­ues’ Weak­en Fam­i­lies? — This deserves more in depth reading/thinking, but on the sur­face, it is fas­ci­nat­ing.