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Dumb Challenge Questions

So, my place of employ­ment (a quick Google search should clear up the mys­tery) has just imple­ment­ed chal­lenge ques­tions for their new pass­word retrieval sys­tem. Now, on top of auto-expir­ing our pass­words every six months (Grrr!), we are required to know the answers to odd ques­tions. This is becom­ing com­mon prac­tice every­where, so I guess […]


An expiration for your phone’s vibrate setting

When I set my phone to vibrate I’d like to be able to set an expi­ra­tion time for that. Say, for two and a half hours, if I’m at the movies. After that peri­od has passed, the phone sets itself back to what it was before. Then I don’t have to remem­ber to set it […]