New Kicks

Got me some new kicks today:

New Kicks

My first time shop­ping for shoes online, after years of watch­ing over Aprille’s shoul­der. I went to a local store (a big box, not a local shop­keep­er) and fit­ted myself for some Adi­das. Size in hand, I went online to Zap­po’s, and bought exact­ly the style I want­ed (which they did not car­ry at the store I vis­it­ed) in the size I need­ed. Two days, cheap(ish), with a lib­er­al return pol­i­cy. This is how to buy shoes.

For the inter­est­ed: Adi­das Orig­i­nals Sam­ba. Which is not to say the orig­i­nal Sam­ba, which has a real­ly long tongue you essen­tial­ly have to fold over.

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