Proposed new password metric: typability

It’s pass­word renew­al time at work, and it’s got me think­ing about the best pos­si­ble pass­word. All the tips, tricks, lit­er­a­ture, guide­lines, rules, and auto­mat­ic gen­er­a­tors are obsessed with cre­at­ing strong pass­words. And that’s fine, I gave up easy-to-remem­ber pass­words a long time ago. But there’s anoth­er char­ac­ter­is­tics of a good pass­word that nobody has […]

Me and my life

New Kicks

Got me some new kicks today: My first time shop­ping for shoes online, after years of watch­ing over Aprille’s shoul­der. I went to a local store (a big box, not a local shop­keep­er) and fit­ted myself for some Adi­das. Size in hand, I went online to Zap­po’s, and bought exact­ly the style I want­ed (which […]