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Up to Date: Morone on Health Care

James Morone on Pres­i­dents and Health Care — Chair of Polit­i­cal Sci­ence at Brown Uni­ver­si­ty, talks with a local KC radio host about Nation­al health care and the Pres­i­dents who have tried (or suc­ceed­ed, in the case of LBJ) to pass it. It is in the sec­ond half of the show, so you might just […]


Infinite Summer » Blog Archive » John Moe: I Did Not Read Infinite Jest This Summer

John Moe: I Did Not Read Infi­nite Jest This Sum­mer — John Moe writ­ing on his broth­er’s sui­cide… Though I do not have a broth­er, my boys are broth­ers, and this made me feel… Also, awed, inspired, and sad. A damn fine exam­ple of putting words togeth­er.