Saw Star Trek, and liked it quite a bit, Jim

We went to see Star Trek ($22) with our friends Doug and Sarah this past week­end, leav­ing the kids with a babysit­ter ($50), and then going to din­ner ($35). And we had a good time. The movie is clear­ly worth it, espe­cial­ly if you are rationing your the­ater-going. It is big and ram­bunc­tious and fun and noisy and all the things a sum­mer flick should be. Rec­om­mend­ed.

Two things of note from my view­ing:

  • I’ve seen Star Trek is its var­i­ous incar­na­tions, and I have to say, I have nev­er real­ly liked Kirk. Shat­ner nev­er seemed sexy enough to be who Kirk is sup­posed to be, and while I like the twin­kle in his eye, I nev­er did buy that he was seri­ous enough, smart enough, or… hero­ic enough to be this guy.  I blath­er, but enough to say that Chris Pine made me a believ­er in Kirk.
  • The Star Trek phas­er pis­tol has always been ridicu­lous, espe­cial­ly when com­pared to icons like Han’s blaster or Deckard’s pis­tol (go Har­ri­son Ford!) but the eas­i­ly-missed flip between stun and kill on Kirk’s pis­tol was pret­ty damn cool.

Go see it if you have enough mon­ey. Us? We’re start­ing a spe­cial fund for movie nights.  We should have enough saved up by next month to go see anoth­er one.

If you last saw a movie in the the­ater in 2008: [xrr rating=4/5 max_stars=5]

If you hate Star Trek, sci­ence fic­tion, or fun: [xrr rating=3/5 max_stars=5] (it’s that loud)

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