The WiFi button

I have a sug­ges­tion for Apple. Yes, I know they are (not) lis­ten­ing.

I think the next iPhone/iPod touch should have a WiFi but­ton. Like the pow­er but­ton on the top, maybe on the oth­er side of the device, it should glow a light blue when it is on. You’d use it to turn WiFi on and off on the device, with­out hav­ing to dip into the set­tings all the time. It would then be incred­i­bly easy to pro­long your bat­tery life.

What made me think of this? Run­ning out of bat­tery halfway through my flight yes­ter­day, par­tial­ly due to con­stant­ly look­ing for WiFi at the air­ports. (Par­tial­ly due to watch­ing a lot of TED, admit­ted­ly.)

There, Apple. All yours. The fifth but­ton.

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