Bush Confidence

We’ve just start­ed watch­ing a new show, cour­tesy of our renewed mem­ber­ship with Net­flix, that is prov­ing both enter­tain­ing and edu­ca­tion­al. The char­ac­ters are inter­est­ing, the sit­u­a­tions in which they find them­selves are eye-open­ing, and we’re learn­ing a lot of new vocab­u­lary. Even the title implies an edu­ca­tion­al expe­ri­ence. And you thought this was going to be about pol­i­tics.

Soft Play Forms

So, we’re sit­ting around Sat­ur­day morn­ing, one kid is watch­ing TV (yes, we know) while the oth­er is play­ing hap­pi­ly with the big, vinyl-cov­ered foam blocks we keep telling you are the most awe­some toy ever.

Gaz­ing in admi­ra­tion at them, we decide that maybe we should buy anoth­er set, as these are five years old and con­stant, almost dai­ly play has start­ed to wear them out just a smidge. It would be nice to have some back up pieces, since we antic­i­pate at least three to five more years of play with them.

So I go to my trusty old link, and there they are at Con­struc­tive Play­things, now for $140. Not bad, but we have a gift cer­tifi­cate to Ama­zon, so, on a whim, I decide to check and see if I can get them through Ama­zon. Not sure what to search for (the man­u­fac­tur­er is unclear) I go with their title/description on the Con­struc­tive Play­things web site, “Soft Play Forms.”

Sure enough, they are list­ed at Ama­zon, though only from a third-par­ty indi­vid­ual, and for a $100 pre­mi­um… but I was much more inter­est­ed in the sec­ond item Ama­zon sug­gest­ed for the search: Soft Play Forms.


Bush falls below Nixon

George W. Bush’s approval rat­ing stands at 21%. This is the worst approval rat­ing of any Pres­i­dent since they start­ed tak­ing notes. Nixon got as low as 23% at one point, but bounced back to 24% when he left office in dis­grace. Could­n’t hap­pen to a more deserv­ing fel­low. I’m inter­est­ed to see what Gallup’s results are, since they seem to have the longest record of ask­ing this ques­tion.

Leave Gaunt Jobs alone!

Mark just sent me to an arti­cle about how investors at Apple’s lat­est quar­ter­ly earn­ings report were ner­vous about Steve Jobs’ health. They report­ed­ly asked him to name a suc­ces­sor. Which is just sil­ly. I went back and looked at the list of like­ly suc­ces­sors. I not­ed that my favorite (and Job’s favorite, if the arti­cle is to be believed), Scott Forstall, Senior vice pres­i­dent, iPhone soft­ware, may be watch­ing his star fall, giv­en all the reports of bug-rid­den iPhone 2.0 soft­ware. Which only serves to illus­trate that pick­ing a suc­ces­sor now means hav­ing to pick a dif­fer­ent suc­ces­sor down the road, if Jobs hap­pens to live a lit­tle longer, and/or the Anoint­ed One screws up. So give it a rest, and let’s not kill Steve before his time is up.

One million people, maybe

Der Spiegel pre­dicts that Oba­ma’s speech in Berlin on Thurs­day could pull up to one mil­lion peo­ple. One mil­lion. A mil­lion peo­ple turn­ing out to lis­ten to a for­eign politi­cian. Wow. Of course, the low esti­mate is 10,000. There’s a lot of wig­gle room between 10k and 1 mil­lion.

Over is Right, Under is Wrong

OMG, I am so pleased to final­ly have some empir­i­cal evi­dence to point to. For the longest time I thought my wife under­stood, and was con­scious­ly putting the rolls on the right way. Then one day she put one on wrong, and when I asked her, she had no idea what I was talk­ing about. There’s a right way? That’s right, there is. Read up.

Running for Office, xkcd style

This guy is run­ning for State elec­tive office here in Kansas (he lives just out­side of Kansas City, in Olathe, where he has at least a teen­sy chance of actu­al­ly win­ning). While this has been linked every­where by now, I could­n’t pass up the chance to send him some love (and mon­ey?). If only I could vote for him, I would. If you lose, come to Lawrence next time, Sean!