Web-based app turns any web site (if you give them access to your ftp info) into a con­tent man­aged sys­tem where clients can edit their own con­tent in a sim­ple text-based edi­tor.  Sim­ply awe­some.  Wish I’d had this when I was free­lanc­ing.  Would have been per­fect for the sheep ranch­ers.

Fluid Nightly with Google Gears (updated)

Flu­id is an awe­some (Leop­ard-only) appli­ca­tion that lets you run web pages as stand-alone apps.  I use it to run Gmail as its own appli­ca­tion, inde­pen­dent of my brows­er.  Now, Todd Ditchen­dorf has added the abil­i­ty to use Google Gears to enable offline usage (in web apps that sup­port it).  Or not.  Safari (on which Flu­id is based) can’t use Google Gears!  This, like noth­ing else, may bring me back to the bosom of Remem­ber The Milk.

Honest Ade Reviewlet

So, I final­ly had some Hon­est Ade, by the Hon­est Tea peo­ple.  I wrote about it a while ago, but had not found it local­ly.  Now I have, and I was a bit under­whelmed.  Fruity water.  If I’m pay­ing that much for a drink, I need it to be extra fla­vor­ful, so I don’t think I should have just had water.  Next time I’ll stick to the Nan­tuck­et Nec­tars in the same dis­play.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Beta

I came back to Dreamweaver after five years away, and found it changed in only one mean­ing­ful way: I sent my mon­ey to Adobe instead of Macro­me­dia. Now, with the new CS4 beta, Dreamweaver is final­ly mak­ing some strides away from the lega­cy MX ver­sion. You’ll need a DW CS3 ser­i­al num­ber to real­ly play with this.

Change afoot in the Democratic Party

I’m talk­ing out my ass here, admit­ted­ly, but I think we’re see­ing a shift in the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty. I think the Clin­ton machine, start­ed in 1992 as a scrap­py, go-for-broke oper­a­tion, mor­tal­ly wound­ed by Bil­l’s dal­liances in office, miss­ing-in-action for Gore in 2000, and sul­len­ly unsup­port­ive of Ker­ry in 2004 (after Clin­ton Gold­en Boy Wes­ley Clark crashed and burned), is now fac­ing the end of its days. Hillary Clin­ton’s des­per­ate endgame scrab­ble for any sort of hand­hold on the new Demo­c­ra­t­ic train, and Bil­l’s wan­ton burn­ing of all his polit­i­cal good­will is telling of their slip into irrel­e­vance. My kids will ask me about this, I think, when they study Amer­i­can His­to­ry.