Thoughts I had while watching Kansas win

Watch­ing the game last night, there were a lot of non-game relat­ed things I want­ed to touch on.  This might be of more inter­est to those of you who haven’t been fol­low­ing KU bas­ket­ball all sea­son.

  • God.  In all the play­er inter­views before the game, dur­ing all the plays of the game, dur­ing all the cel­e­bra­tion after­wards, in all the arti­cles about the game, and even in what I saw of the post-game pressers, God was men­tioned three times.  Just three times.  I find that sur­pris­ing­ly low.
  1. Mario Chalmers point­ed to the sky a lit­tle while after his game-tying three point shot.  This is the clas­sic, “Thank you, God” ges­ture used in sports all over.  Or maybe he was point­ing to the Jum­botron.
  2. Ron­nie Chalmers, Mar­i­o’s Dad, car­ried a lit­tle bit of scrip­ture in his pock­et ((Source: Luke Win­n’s ESPN Tour­ney Blog, about halfway down the arti­cle)), and read it to him­self qui­et­ly towards the end of reg­u­la­tion.
  3. Cali­pari, the head coach of Mem­phis, told a reporter right after­wards that he told God, dur­ing Der­rick Rose’s one-of-two final free throw appear­ance, that if they both went in, it was meant to be, and if they did­n’t, it was not meant to be.
  • Ed High­tow­er was the Ref­er­ee for the game.  I remem­ber him well from our sev­en years in Iowa City.  His main stomp­ing grounds is the Big Ten, though he’s doing more games in the Big 12 (where we are now) late­ly.  Inci­den­tal­ly, he was also the Ref for the last time KU won the Big Dance, in 1988.
  • When they set out the lad­ders for the net snip­ping, the lad­der was rather mod­est­ly embla­zoned with the com­pa­ny’s name, Wern­er.  They did get a Greg Gum­bel announce­ment as the Offi­cial Lad­der of the NCAA Tour­na­ment, but real­ly, I would have made sure the cheap seats knew who made the lad­der.  And nobody fell off.
  • Relat­ed ques­tion: who makes the scis­sors that are used?  Those things are sharp.
  • Anoth­er relat­ed ques­tion: Do the ladder/scissor com­pa­nies cheat?  Like how burg­ers in com­mer­cials are faked up to look bet­ter than they are in real­i­ty.  Are the steps gummed up to ensure nobody slips?  Are the scis­sors ground extra-sharp, to a lev­el no home­own­er would be allowed to have?
  • Bill Self, the KU coach, is report­ed­ly going to be offered the Okla­homa State coach­ing job (his alma mater) for some­thing like $3.5 mil­lion a year with a $6 mil­lion sign­ing bonus.  That’s $10 mil­lion for show­ing up for a year.  Most peo­ple seem to believe he will stay at Kansas, but get a nice salary bump from his cur­rent $1.4 mil­lion annu­al­ly.
  • How classy is Roy Williams (coach of Car­oli­na, for­mer 15-year coach of KU)?  He stuck around for this game, and even allowed a Jay­hawk stick­er be stuck to his black sweater.  He even wore it dur­ing a half­time CBS inter­view.  I think any ani­mos­i­ty Lawrence had for him is gone now.
  • It took a lit­tle while for arti­cles about the game to get pub­lished, but sev­er­al were out with­in hours of the end of the game.  Which means these sports­writ­ers must have notes, ideas, even par­tial arti­cles writ­ten before the game even begins, right?  A col­lec­tion of these “What if” drafts could be fas­ci­nat­ing for a sports fan to read.
  • There’s only one Luther Van­dross song I can stand ((Offi­cial CBS crap­py con­troller with com­mer­cial, or Unof­fi­cial YouTube sure to be pulled edi­tion)).
  • We will prob­a­bly pick up some sort of Cham­pi­onship DVD Com­mem­o­ra­tive Video Pack­age Sea­son Thing when they come out.  I nev­er did under­stand that.  But hav­ing watched these kids for two years, hav­ing watched every game this sea­son, know­ing their sto­ries and watch­ing them play last night, I think I’d like to watch it again in five, ten, fif­teen years.

By Danny

My name is Danny, and I grew up living overseas, but have settled in Kansas, where it turns out some of my family started, back when. I am helping to raise my own family, and hoping to be proud of what I've done when it's all over.