What’s your favorite possession?

Just fin­ished going through a stack of Real Sim­ple mag­a­zines (anoth­er sub­scrip­tion we have allowed to lapse), and at the back, they have a “Real Life” sec­tion where impos­si­bly ide­al women answer ques­tions about their lives. They are fun­ny, insight­ful, and sure­ly not writ­ten by real peo­ple. But in the for­ev­er quest for stuff to write about, I am going to post some of the ques­tions, and my answers, in an ongo­ing fea­ture. Thanks Real Sim­ple!

What’s your favorite pos­ses­sion?

Just one? I expect stuff like, “My wed­ding ring,” or “My cut­ting wit,” or “The abid­ing love I have for my fam­i­ly,” aren’t in the spir­it of the ques­tion… and those of you who know me might expect me to say it’s our TiVo (start­ing to be more love-hate, actu­al­ly, it is still awe­some but I watch too much Tv) or the Prius (I do love it, but I could live with­out it)… so I’m going to split the dif­fer­ence.

My favorite pos­ses­sion might well be my sis­ter’s ring. We were in Strat­ford, Ontario, attend­ing the Shake­speare Fes­ti­val there. My sis­ter lives in NYC, and she showed up wear­ing a cool lit­tle ring. It’s small, sil­ver, and squared off. Not square, but more the shape of an old cath­ode tele­vi­sion. I com­ment­ed on how cool it was. She said she’d bought it at Bloom­ing­dale’s, and then, right there, took it off and gave it to me.

I wear it every day, and love it. We used to share an apart­ment in New York, she and I. I miss her, and the ring reminds me of her. I think it looks good on my lit­tle fin­ger next to my wed­ding band. Since then, I’ve often thought that I should com­mis­sion my two oth­er sis­ters to get me oth­er jew­el­ry, so I can wear some­thing from each of them. But I’m so damn picky, I may need to send them a URL or some­thing. Kind of detracts from the spe­cial­ness, no?

So. Here’s a pic­ture of the ring.

What’s your favorite pos­ses­sion?

The ring itself

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