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Mark tagged me for a meme. Pick up the near­est book, turn to page 123, and post sen­tences 5, 6, and 7.

The near­est book to my com­put­er is… (get­ting tape mea­sure, as book­shelf 1 is about as close as book­shelf 2)… well, they are both with­in the mar­gin of error, so… I give you two books.

On my left, from Home Com­forts, The Art & Sci­ence of Keep­ing House by Cheryl Mendel­son:

“Shop first for ined­i­bles, such as paper tow­els and soap. Next, pick out non­per­ish­ables: canned and bot­tled things and any­thing else that you will store out­side the refrig­er­a­tor or freez­er, such as sug­ar, salt, dry cere­al, flour, canned and room-tem­per­a­ture bot­tled foods. Next, buy refrig­er­at­ed things, such as milk, cheese, fresh meat and poul­try, and fruits and veg­eta­bles.”

On my right, from Mon­key, a folk nov­el of Chi­na by Wu Ch’eng-en, trans­lat­ed by Arthur Waley:

“It was now get­ting late, and the farm-hands set out tables and brought in sev­er­al dish­es of cooked tiger-flesh which they laid all siz­zling in front of their mas­ter and his guest. ‘I must tell you,’ said Trip­i­ta­ka, ‘that I was admit­ted to the Order almost as soon as I left my moth­er’s womb, and have nev­er in my life indulged in meats of this kind.’ The hunter thought for a while.”

I nev­er could stick to the direc­tions. It was a prob­lem in col­lege. I’m also not going to tag any­one, because, while I rec­og­nize that it can be fun, Mark tagged all the peo­ple I know with a blog (sad, isn’t it?) and plus, I don’t do that sort of thing. What a piss­er I am.

Feel free to do this on your own blog, com­ment on my books, or post your own Page 123 entries below.

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