Michael Clayton at the Oscars

Watch­ing the Oscars last night (at TiVospeed) I was hop­ing for the suc­cess of Michael Clay­ton, one of the few movies I’ve seen that I would like to see again soon. Now that I’ve seen the plot, I want to watch the act­ing, the cin­e­matog­ra­phy… it was that good. Til­da Swin­ton did win, and it was well-deserved, but the movie got short­ed in the oth­er cat­e­gories. Oh well.

Here are the notes I wrote down after see­ing the movie last Octo­ber.

See it in a the­ater, if you can. Some of the qui­et moments require the pent, not-quite-hush of a the­ater. Our audi­ence in Kansas City gasped and clapped at all the right spots, and it real­ly made the movie more fun. The movie was direct­ed with great restraint by Tony Gilroy, he lets the cam­era linger when it should. I am remind­ed espe­cial­ly of an ele­va­tor ride Clooney takes. Noth­ing hap­pens on the ride, except a hell of a lot of act­ing. Clooney and Swin­ton were superb, and I want­ed to see them togeth­er more. As it is, they have just two scenes togeth­er. Swin­ton actu­al­ly does most of her best act­ing when she’s alone in a scene. For that mat­ter, so does Clooney. And Gilroy is mas­ter­ful at cap­tur­ing it. See this movie.”

I haven’t seen the two big win­ners of the night, There Will Be Blood and No Coun­try for Old Men, but Michael Clay­ton stands out to me as a fine bit of moviemak­ing. I should real­ly see those oth­er movies, though.

What did you think of Oscar night?

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