MW 2008: Liveblogging winners

Clear­ly the win­ners of the live­blog­ging com­pe­ti­tion were the guys at MacRu­mors. Their AJAX-pow­ered inter­face gave news updates in a time­ly man­ner, and their pho­to feed was show­ing rel­e­vant pho­tos at the right time.

Sec­ond place goes to Ars Tech­ni­ca, for their almost-as-up-to-the-moment feed as MacRu­mors, com­bined with a lit­tle more com­men­tary (the MacRu­mors stuff was a lit­tle dry). They get dinged on the slow and ill-timed deliv­ery of pho­tos, and their non-AJAXy good­ness. The refresh but­ton is so 2006.

Third goes to Mac­world mag­a­zine, which came through with the most in depth cov­er­age, giv­ing links and per­spec­tive. Guess it helps to have an edi­to­r­i­al staff at home to rely upon.

Engad­get and Giz­mo­do were both behind with their updates, had some serv­er deliv­ery prob­lems, and were out­classed by the oth­er three.

By Danny

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