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My New Year’s Resolution: Curse more

We rent­ed Knocked Up a cou­ple of weeks ago, and enjoyed it quite a bit (not as fun­ny as 40-Year-Old Vir­gin, prob­a­bly because it came across as more believ­able). One of the things I real­ly enjoyed was all the curs­ing. Foul lan­guage for its own sake is a bit banal ($10 word!), but used well, a curse word can be fun­ny, enlight­en­ing, or well-deserved (or all three!). When we were done with the movie, I turned to my wife and said some­thing like, “I haven’t enjoyed that much curs­ing since we last saw Mar­cia and Rus­sell. I miss them.” And so, I resolved that for my New Year’s Res­o­lu­tion, I would curse more. Damn it.

By Danny

My name is Danny, and I grew up living overseas, but have settled in Kansas, where it turns out some of my family started, back when. I am helping to raise my own family, and hoping to be proud of what I've done when it's all over.