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The Lawrence Festival of Trees

This was a while ago… about a month now (the end of Novem­ber) but still fun. Every year (we’re only get­ting to know the hol­i­day events) The Shel­ter (a local kids and fam­i­ly char­i­ty) hosts the Lawrence Fes­ti­val of Trees. Peo­ple dec­o­rate trees and donate them, then oth­er peo­ple (most­ly busi­ness­es) bid on them at auc­tion, and the pro­ceeds go to The Shel­ter.

There is a sug­gest­ed dona­tion for the pub­lic to come and see the trees, which we did. Our baby was prob­a­bly over­whelmed (if you can’t keep ’em qui­et, daz­zle them with crowds and flash­ing lights), but our four-year-old thought it was pret­ty fun. He espe­cial­ly liked the upside down tree. Next year, we hope to see the gin­ger­bread house com­pe­ti­tion across the street, too.

Some of the trees were very gaudy, and some of them were espe­cial­ly clever. I took pho­tos of the ones that caught my eye, and you can see them below. One in par­tic­u­lar, a carousel themed tree, was very cool. The movie below is of that tree.


The pho­tos on Flickr

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