The Master Home Computing Plan gets a wifi remote (updated)

You may or may not have read the Mas­ter Home Com­put­ing Plan, a post where I out­lined how and what my per­fect home com­put­ing plan was. That post is under review right now, but a cru­cial ele­ment has just been intro­duced by a com­pa­ny called iospir­it.

Enter Remote Bud­dy. Orig­i­nal­ly, this was soft­ware you installed on your Mac to enable new func­tions in your Apple Remote and/or your Wii remote. But now, they have added your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote. New func­tions? Well, among oth­ers, the abil­i­ty to con­trol iTunes via Wifi. And not just con­trol. All the bells and whis­tles are there.

Check out the movie of Remote Bud­dy at work on an iPod Touch. As a frus­trat­ed remote iTunes user, this is sim­ply awe­some.

Our music set­up is pret­ty cool. We have all our music resid­ing on an Infrant NAS. iTunes on our iMac con­nects to that music, and sends it out via Air­Tunes to an Air­port Express. That is, in turn, con­nect­ed to a hob­by-built FM trans­mit­ter that sends the sig­nal out over 98.5 FM, and we lis­ten to it all over the house on our radios.

Until now, we had no way to remote­ly change the music. We had to fire up a lap­top to run one of any num­ber of mediocre remote itunes con­trollers. Or run down­stairs and change it on the iMac. Hard to do grace­ful­ly when you for­got to take Mr. Han­key out of the Christ­mas Music Mix before fam­i­ly came over.

Of course, we still don’t have a way to remote­ly change our music, as we don’t own an iPod Touch. But the future is com­ing.

Thanks to bbum for find­ing this first.

Update: bbum has come through again, this time down­load­ing and review­ing Apple’s own free iTunes remote for iPhone and iPod touch. He loves it.

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