Dutch join laminating revolution

Dutch Drivers LicenseWhile doing research for anoth­er project of mine, I came across a web page at the site of the Min­istry of Trans­port, Pub­lic Works and Water Man­age­ment in the Nether­lands ((Known local­ly as the Min­is­terie van Ver­keer en Water­staat which actu­al­ly seems to trans­late to Min­istry of Move­ment and Water State, leav­ing Pub­lic Works… not sure where.)), that was advis­ing its cit­i­zens about the brand new cred­it card sized dri­ving license that was now avail­able. The date was Octo­ber 1, 2006. The site also touts how this new fan­gled con­ve­nience can be used as an ID card, too, but warns that it will take at least five days to get the card once you order it.

Appar­ent­ly they pre­vi­ous­ly had large, fold­ed up doc­u­ments. Sim­i­lar to what you had to show the offi­cials in World War II movies when they asked to see your “papers.” And yet, the page has an RSS feed.

They con­ve­nient­ly pro­vide the page in Eng­lish if you pre­fer (I did) but the trans­la­tion could use a tweak. In the sec­tion where they dis­cuss using your license as ID, they men­tion that it has no nation­al­i­ty iden­ti­fi­er, and so your employ­er will still need your pass­port to reg­is­ter you “for employ­ee insur­ance schemes.” Avail­able options: pyra­mid, ponzi, and das­tard­ly.

[Yes, I know the British use scheme in this oth­er way, and that the Dutch trans­la­tion was prob­a­bly done by some­one famil­iar with the Queen’s Eng­lish, but I still found it amus­ing.]

By Danny

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