Why do we blog? To fill a void? To make friends? To make mon­ey? Because we like (the sound of) our own voic­es?

I have two blogs. I have one for my fam­i­ly and friends. I have anoth­er, until now unnamed, for the gen­er­al pub­lic. I write the first (though I haven’t much late­ly) to stay in touch with my fam­i­ly, and my friends. So the kids will have some­thing to look back on when they are old­er. A public/private diary aimed at them, as it were.

I write the oth­er, the one that is becom­ing this blog, for me. Why? Because I want to be famous. Yeah, that’s right. Not Har­ri­son Ford famous, or (god For­bid) Paris Hilton famous. No, but I do want some of the peo­ple to rec­og­nize my name some of the time. I think that’d be cool. Espe­cial­ly if it’s because I write well, or I take good pic­tures, or I make pret­ty things.

If I make friends, mon­ey, or fill some kind of void along the way, all the bet­ter.

And let me just point out, that I hate read­ing any­thing I have writ­ten, because I’m a per­pet­u­al revis­er at heart. So no, I don’t like my own voice (and wow do I hate what I sound like when record­ed!).


This seems like an odd ques­tion to pose to a blog­ger. Where? Where do you live? Where do you write? Where are you talk­ing about? Where is your head today? For most peo­ple, you’d think the answer would be, “on my site!” One of the coolest things about a blog is that it does­n’t mat­ter where you actu­al­ly are, any­body can get to your blog.

But I expect to be writ­ing about a lot of local stuff, from pol­i­tics, to reviews of local busi­ness­es, to the lat­est thing going on down the street (I need one of those “I’m blog­ging this” t‑shirts). So the where is impor­tant.

But then there are those pesky pri­va­cy con­cerns. My pri­va­cy, of course, and that of my fam­i­ly, but also the pri­va­cy of those peo­ple I talk about in the blog. So I need some geo­graph­i­cal con­text, but not too much.

I live in Lawrence, KS. There.


So what will this blog be about? What ser­vice will it con­tribute to human­i­ty? What good will it bring forth? Why will mil­lions of read­ers flock to it dai­ly?

I don’t have a clue.

I have a per­son­al fam­i­ly site, so I don’t expect to be writ­ing about my fam­i­ly much. I think I’m wit­ty, but not in that laugh-out-loud, got­ta-read-it-to-the-guy-next-to-me kind of way (alas!). My non-fam­i­ly-relat­ed life is not all that excit­ing or orig­i­nal, my work involves being cre­ative while using com­put­ers, and I like to think I am cre­ative, but real­ly, the Inter­net is full of cre­ative com­put­er nerds.

And I don’t eat inter­est­ing stuff for lunch.

So, what do I have? I have my opin­ions. When I arrived in col­lege, lo those many years ago, I dis­cov­ered that it was okay to be opin­ion­at­ed, to be wrong, to sit in the front row. My life was fine before that, but a lot of good has come of being bold, forth­right, hon­est, and vocal. I know not every­one shares my opin­ions (but that makes for pop­u­lar blogs, right?) but that’s all I’ve got.

If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. That’s the best thing about the Inter­net.


More about me. Who am I, and why should you care? My name is Dan­ny (only sort of my real name, as it turns out), and I am a cit­i­zen of two coun­tries, a (rel­a­tive­ly) recent arrival in this coun­try, and now a Mid­west­ern­er, if you con­sid­er Kansas to be in the Mid­west. I am a father of two boys, mar­ried, a dog own­er and a Mac fan(atic, actu­al­ly). I grew up in a fam­i­ly that appre­ci­at­ed whim­sy and cre­ativ­i­ty (at least when I was there, my sis­ters may have a dif­fer­ent take), and I speak two lan­guages.

I’m a lib­er­al (my wool still drip­ping from the dye), I am lit­er­ate (which means I can read, right?), and a con­sci­en­tious objec­tor to war (or so says my draft card). I have lots to say about pol­i­tics, Apple, my kids, life in gen­er­al, my life specif­i­cal­ly, and var­i­ous and sundry oth­er top­ics. I don’t keep favorite music around, but some of my favorite books include The Hitch­hik­er’s Guide to the Galaxy and Cross­ing to Safe­ty.

I think I’m an inter­est­ing guy, and so does my moth­er, so there. That’s me.