I know what Dashboard is for!

Dash­board, the wid­get inter­face for OS X, has always been a strange beast to me.  Equal parts use­less and obnox­ious, I just did­n’t under­stand why Apple would revive Con­trol Pan­els.  For those of you unfa­mil­iar with Dash­board, this is an appli­ca­tion screen in OS X that you call up with a key com­bi­na­tion.  On this lay­er are lit­tle wid­get-apps, small appli­ca­tions that do one thing, usu­al­ly with an Inter­net con­nec­tion.  Like a pack­age track­er.  Or a weath­er fore­cast­er.  Or a flight track­er.  Etc.

I think they’re stu­pid.

But now I get it.

Dash­board is the appli­ca­tion inter­face for Apple’s upcom­ing thin client hard­ware.  A cell phone.  iPods with real abil­i­ty.  A tablet.  Instead of gut­ting Aqua down to this lev­el, they are build­ing up the abil­i­ty of WebKit to serve as the UI lay­er.  WebKit is already present on Noki­a’s S60 phones.

It is not that much of a leap.  Your thoughts on my half-baked, unin­formed mus­ings?