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I have paused my blog­ging to work. Today, I spent eleven and one half hours at work. About eleven of which were actu­al­ly work­ing. Oh woe is me. But real­ly, it has been pret­ty intense since a cou­ple of weeks before Christ­mas. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the end prod­uct (the end is Fri­day the 13th, upcom­ing) is noth­ing I am proud of. I’m re-mak­ing the web site for the IT orga­ni­za­tion here at my insti­tu­tion of high­er edu­ca­tion. I’m being vague so you won’t go look it up and deride me.

I have done this solo. Plan­ning, design­ing, gath­er­ing con­tent, writ­ing con­tent, etc. Why? Isn’t there a team ded­i­cat­ed to mak­ing web sites here, you ask? Why yes, there is, but they are hor­ri­bly swamped, down one mem­ber (he quit) and I said “Sure” when asked if I would do this. Now it has eat­en my life (and my tod­dler’s Dad­dy) and I am ready to be done.

As a result, it’s just a bit crap­py. All the cool things I thought I’d do, the AJAXy stuff, the dynam­ic menus, the Pho­to­shop glitz, has all been put off until some­time next month, when I sur­face from under the con­tent. Once I get to do that (after the win­dows stream­ing project and the pod­cast­ing project, and the Word­Press-based, cam­pus-wide blog­ging project) I’ll be proud(er) of the result.

Until then. I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard and liked a project less. (Yes, this is my tiny vio­lin…)

I’ll show you all some­day.

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My name is Danny, and I grew up living overseas, but have settled in Kansas, where it turns out some of my family started, back when. I am helping to raise my own family, and hoping to be proud of what I've done when it's all over.