Culture Rants

Stupid Omaha

Both the wife and I are tak­ing the next cou­ple of days off from work, and one thing we thought we’d do, was go to the movies. Grand­ma is still here, so she can watch the gimpy boys while we pre­tend we don’t have a child. We want­ed to go see Broke­back Moun­tain, but for­got […]


Blessed by a Christmas Angel

So, last night ‚when I took the dog out for a walk, I was sur­prised to see a bas­ket on our front porch, I put it inside, and when we got back, Tiffany and I inves­ti­gat­ed it. It is a very nice bas­ket, prob­a­bly a Longaberg­er bas­ket, with choco­late, a (white) Stan­dard Poo­dle orna­ment, a […]

Meta Technology

Anyone use Flickr?

Hey all. So, I’ve been using Gallery now for a cou­ple of years. And with the new ver­sion 2, it has improved great­ly. But I am start­ing to chafe at how much I need to get in and under the hood to make it what I want. So. I am con­sid­er­ing, just a bit, pay­ing […]


All in the Bush family

We’re in Wichi­ta for a fam­i­ly wed­ding, and George Bush Sr. was in town, deliv­er­ing some sort of trav­el­ling road­show, and was quot­ed in the news­pa­per thus­ly: Recall­ing one mas­sive protest in San Fran­cis­co — deep in lib­er­al ter­ri­to­ry, he point­ed out — he described “the ugli­est woman I’ve ever seen” scream­ing at him, “Stay […]