I will pay $100 for a screensaver module

Hel­lo, enter­pris­ing soft­ware writ­ers. In short: I want a .Mac-free ver­sion of the .Mac screen­saver mod­ule. And I have $100 to throw at you.

I own a Mac OS X machine. I sub­scribe to Apple’s .Mac ser­vice. I do so for exact­ly one fea­ture: the .Mac screen­saver. This fea­ture works thus­ly: I des­ig­nate an album in iPho­to, hit “.Mac slides”, upload the pho­tos, go to my screen­saver in Mac OS X, des­ig­nate my .Mac mem­ber ID, and voila, screen­saver of the pho­tos with com­plete Ken Burns Effect. Any­body with Mac OS X can sub­scribe to this screen­saver if they know my mem­ber ID. Like the Grand­mas.

This costs me $100 per year.

If you write a pro­gram to do this, I will pay you $100 (what .Mac cost me this past year) to be able to use it. Make it free­ware, make it share­ware, make it open source, I don’t care. Just give me a work­ing copy and I will send you $100.

Here are the specs.

$100 for a screen­saver mod­ule for Mac OS X (Tiger at the very least, old­er ver­sions at your dis­cre­tion), that will pull jpgs (add oth­er file for­mats if you like!) from a des­ig­nat­ed direc­to­ry on the web and store them local­ly on the user’s machine, then dis­play them full screen using the Ken Burns Effect (or some oth­er similar–but not copyrighted–effect, like the Bob­by Joe Zoom Pan Dealio with Fade Tran­si­tions).

$25 bonus mon­ey for a Win­dows screen­saver mod­ule that does the same thing, but on Win­dows XP.

$25 more bonus mon­ey for a plu­g­in for iPho­to 5, so I can select an album and export it to the direc­to­ry on the web that I des­ig­nate. The plu­g­in should auto­mat­i­cal­ly reduce the size/quality of the pho­tos as they are uploaded, so trans­fer is quick.



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