All the good ones get abducted by the Apple mothership

It has hap­pened twice recent­ly. Two of my favorite web-design­er­s/in­for­ma­tion-gurus/en­ter­tain­ing-blog­gers have been hired by Apple, and after that… noth­ing. They announce that they have been hired, and then their blogs go silent. Occa­sion­al­ly they will have a post about their pup­pies, or a new hair­cut, but noth­ing even remote­ly relat­ed to web design, infor­ma­tion design, or stuff I used to rely on them for.

Any­one else noticed this? Who will be next? Here are the two who have most recent­ly been ripped from my feed list:

Paul Nixon < abduct­ed on March 22, 2005 Dun­stan Orchard < abduct­ed on Novem­ber 29, 2004

At least Apple is get­ting good peo­ple.

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