Rob and Amber get lucky in Argentina

This episode of The Amaz­ing Race took place in Argenti­na, where I was born. We left when I was eight, so all I real­ly know about the place is what I have heard from my fam­i­ly, but even so it was fun to see Men­doza, Buenos Aires, and Tigre.

This is the sec­ond sea­son of The Amaz­ing Race that I have watched, and I am pret­ty much kick­ing myself for not watch­ing it ear­li­er. Though I have to admit, this sea­son far out­strips the last one, and it is because of Rob and Amber. Their skill at find­ing the lit­tlest foothold to get them­selves ahead is only sur­passed by their sheer luck. Last ep. they took a four hour penal­ty that put them far behind the first four teams, but they still made the ear­ly flight (caus­ing much gnash­ing teeth among those first four teams) and then pulled out the win at the end of the stage.

I am in awe. Plus, they are wicked­ly fun to watch. I’d also like to note, for those peo­ple who felt that Amber dis­played lit­tle per­son­al­i­ty in Sur­vivor: All Stars, stay­ing most­ly in Rob’s shad­ow… same thing is hap­pen­ing here. If she has a per­son­al­i­ty, she’s hid­ing it very well. Rob, of course, could­n’t hide his per­son­al­i­ty if… oh, some­one offered him a mil­lion dol­lars.

I look for­ward to this show every week.

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